About Mr. Knick Knack!

“No gimmicks. No costumes. With just a silly name and a genuine desire to perform, Mr. Knick Knack! takes the stage with his guitar, and the kids go wild.”     

                                                          – The Washington Post

Steve Rossi a.k.a. Mr. Knick Knack!

Mr. Knick Knack!  Steve Rossi

Singer-songwriter Steve Rossi, a.k.a. Mr. Knick Knack!, was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Northern Virginia, a typical rock ‘n roll-loving teenager.  Steve taught himself guitar and piano at 16 and has proved to be a veritable apple tree of original songs – some golden, all delicious!

In 1998, working at Borders Books, Steve quietly started up a weekend musical storytime program for young children.  “Mr. Knick Knack!” was fashioned on a Saturday when one forward child apprised Mr. Rossi that he expected something a tad pizazzier from his entertainment than some guy named just “Steve.”  Having just sung together the old standard This Old Man, a second little one in attendance chirped, “knick knack!” in that fateful moment of great expectations, and her mother said, “How about ‘Mr. Knick Knack!’?”  It seemed satisfactory.

Mr. Knick Knack takes marriage, children, family and the human heart seriously.  They are what Mr. Knick Knack! sings about and celebrates at his legendary shows to the growing delight of thousands of Knick Knack Kids and their families.  Mr. Knick Knack! is named “Favorite Children’s Entertainer” by DC Baby – A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City.  He has been featured twice in The Washington Post, once in The Washington Times, and has been interviewed as Mr. Knick Knack! on the NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw.  Mr. Knick Knack! has been the featured entertainer at Tysons Corner Center for well over a decade as well as the featured weekly entertainer at Reston Town Center and Market Common Clarendon in Northern Virginia for many years and counting.  Mr. Knick Knack! has performed on separate private occasions for two vice presidents of the United States, one U.S. Senate majority leader, an ambassador to the United States from the Middle East, the president of the oldest Jesuit and Catholic university in the United States, three little ones taking their very first steps, one child losing its first tooth, and thousands of additional shows at D.C. area schools, daycares, offices, charities, institutions, retail outlets, houses of worship, festivals, including over 1,600 birthday parties.