What critics are saying about Mr. Knick Knack!

“Rated DC’s Favorite Children’s Entertainer”

- DC BABY: A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City, by Sarah Masterson

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“As Mr. Knick Knack!, Mr. Rossi has been performing around the D.C. area for a decade, writing and singing songs that entertain and inspire children.“      

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“Mr. Knick-Knack is the man in the Metro DC area. His gentle demeanor and genuine love of children is evident in his thoughtful and energy filled performances. Music is sewn together with storytime favorites to make for a magical hour for your little one. Check out the website for performance locations and times.”

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“No gimmicks. No costumes. With just a silly name and a genuine desire to perform, Mr. Knick Knack! takes the stage with his guitar, and the kids go wild.”

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“Mr. Knick Knack, one of the area’s best-loved children’s musicians, was born and raised in Northern Virginia. With just his guitar and his voice he plays upbeat – and uplifting – music centered around the power of the human heart.”

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“Rossi’s original songs have a definite rock edge and reflect his Knick Knackian worldview, with themes that lean heavily toward family, love and children.”

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“Mr. Knick Knack’s “songs are not only fun to listen (and dance!) to but cover important themes such as love, family, overcoming fear, and trying new things. Mr. Knick Knack is an amazing performer and songwriter and has a beautiful message that both parents and children will enjoy.”

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“What [Mr. Knick Knack!] does is teach the kids about relationships.”

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“His [Mr. Knick Knack!’s] songs are catchy and gimmick-free and teach kids how to live their ‘very own, fearless, self-true adventure,’ and they love him for it.  I’m telling you, this guy has groupies, and he deserves them.”


“The songs remind children that they are unique and loved, and if you listen closely and allow your grown-up heart to be ‘Knick Knacked,’ you might have one of those joyful moments when you are tearfully reminded just how precious your children are.”



Family reviews of Mr. Knick Knack !

“Think your preschoolers can’t tell the difference between a ‘kid’s act’ that is just on the circuit to score easy gigs (and easy money) and a genuine, unaffected musician who truly cares about them? Think again! We’ve been a Knick Knack family for some time now, and we believe he represents the best in kid’s entertainment. Happily, Mr. Knick Knack’s talent is as genuine as his heart. Everyone loves the old standards, sure (Wheels on the Bus, anyone?), but Mr. Knick Knack is at his best when his original songs dominate the set list.”

- Parent

“Mr. Knick Knack is by far our favorite children’s entertainer.  He clearly loves what he does and that comes through in his music.  Listening to Mr. Knick Knack on Monday morning puts us all in a good mood for the week.  His songs are full of love and acceptance and positivity.  He doesn’t just sing to the kids, he interacts with them and clearly sees them as an integral part of the show.  The kids love it!  I am so happy that my kids have Mr. Knick Knack as a role model in their lives.  He is teaching them not only a love of music but also an appreciation of themselves and the people around them.”


“Mr. Knick Knack is so interactive with the kids and it is clear that he cares about each and every one of them.”


“He engages the youngest audience with his music as they enthusiastically dance around him.  His original songs are filled with messages of acceptance and love.  His genuine love of entertaining  the little ones shines throughout his performances.”
- Grandmother

“Steve is such a great performer, and he kept all the kids enraptured at full attention for the entire hour.”